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 Why Select DJ45rpm Entertainment?
DJ45rpm sets the benchmark for professional DJ entertainment

Principal DJ/KJ DJ45

Best DJs in Virginia Best DJs in Maryland Best DJs in Washington DC

1) DJ45rpm has invested $55,000 in equipment to provide the best sounding and most powerful (12.000w) sound systems in the region. 
2) We provide professional grade DJ and Master and Ceremonies entertainment (30 years experience).
3) We guarantee our performance, and we backup our sound system and laptop computers for every job so we never fail!
4) We are insured to play any venue and can entertain events of 5,000+ guests.


5) We have spectacular lighting available including The best laser light show offered in DJ entertainment anywhere. We have more uplighting and blacklighting than any DJ firm,
6) We customize our service to your needs and provide tools to plan and schedule the reception. We aren't a low price one-service fits all DJ entertainment. DJ45rpm is value-priced custom package entertainer who delivers exactly what you want - not what we have.


7) You will meet you DJ, or the owner (DJ45) will be your entertainer.
8) We have numerous excellence referrals rating us 5 out of 5 (95% of jobs) in customer ratings over 4 years.
9) Our service is premier, but our pricing is average and you can book us online for as little as $100 with a credit card.
Please talk with us and let us know what we can do to earn your business.

We  guarantee who your DJ will be and the equipment that will be used. DJ45rpm does not switch DJs and commits the equipment in the agreement.

Our sound systems delivering up to 12,000 watts (stereo),we create tremendous sound playing all digital music on laptop PCs

DJ El Macizo is 45rpm's Top Latin DJ
Pedro spins at clubs in VA, DC and NYC

  Why Select DJ45rpm?
It's the DJs

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