DJ45rpm Sound Equipment
Our Sound Packages provide profesional grade loudspeakers selected and sized for your venue.  .
JBL PRX515:  500w bi-amplified 2 way speaker
JBL PRX518s: 500w Active Subwoofer
JBL EON518s:
500w rms 18" active subwoofer
EV ZXA5:   1250w rms bi-amped 2-way 15" speaker
EV SxA360:  
 500w bi-amplied 2- way 12" speaker 
JBL PRX 615  
625w powered 2-way 12" speaker
EV T55: dual 15in 1000w speaker
EV SBA2: 350w active 12" subwoofer
EV QRx 218s : 1200w rms dual 18" subwoofer
C200: 250w 10" 2-way speaker
Peavey 115P: 3 00 w bi-amped 2 way 15"speaker
Behrenger 1222USB 12 channel digital mixer - to connect up to 4 vocalist and instrumentalists
Mackie ProFX 4 bus 16 ch PA mixer
Shure PGX24/SM58
wireless handheld mic system
Shure PGX24/BetaA wireless handheld mic system
Audio-Technia 701, 702 & 2200 lapel & handheld 
TD UHF wireless mic system;
Samson Stage 55 & Airline 77 wireless handheld & headset TD VHF wirelss mic systems
Nady WA 120 Portable Wireless  PA   - w/lapel mic requires no power supply.
Elite Packages are designed to meet the facility environment and audience size. We have 12 sound systems available to meet your needs.  Subwoofers are generally optional and not included in our price packages.  We have available sound systems offering motr than 12,000w continuous output.

EV ZXA5 - elite

Shure PGX24 wirless systems w/SM58 & Beta Mics

1222fx-usb mixing/equalizing board
EV SxA 360 - elite
DJs Virginia, DJs, Maryland, DJs Washington DC call 202-641-2063
EV SBA2 - elite
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ProFX16 mixing/equalizing board

EV Touring dual 15s

We have much more sound equipment than displayed wth more than 25,000w peak power to equip 8 rooms simultaneously. What sound equipment does the other DJ have?
EV QRx 218s