Lighting Equipment - Price with DJ Entertainment   - Including The Best Laser Lighting in Metro DC - prices are per Job

DANCE & PARTY LIGHTS, MIRROR BALLS Price with DJ Entertainment
   Chauvet Swarm 4: Sound Active 12W RGBA LED DMX mirror ball effect: Stand mounted pair at $119
Chauvet Vue 3.1 with ADJ REVO4 moonflower LEDs stand mounted: $125
  Blizzard 60w LED moving head spot/gobo: 4 truss mounted:  $900
  Two 2-tunnel beam lasers, red+green (r+g)  sound active 580mW on stand: $195
  Two red blue grating gobo lasers @ 1100mW stand mounted: $275
   Red Green 4 tunnel DMX + sound active beam laser 250mW on stand: $135  
   Two FlyLaser scatter star lasers: sound active 320mW on stand: $135
  UFO RGB Sparkling Quad laser (750mW) on stand or or Chauvet GB FX laser: $185 
  Two Storm RGX-Fx scatter lasers (220mW) on stand: $195
  Red, green blue 1200mW animation laser on stand: $265
Light Stands & Truss Systems:  
  ADJ Heavy Duty Dura Truss crank 10ft x 10 ft: $99
LED Uplight Wall Wash Color Systems & Sealed Beam Par Can Lights
  Par64 500w cans: 4-lights (white):Stand mounted at $110 (w/color filter at $40)

  Blizzard RGBA Q12a 120w LED/uplight: 3 for $175; add $10 per/light dmx cable for color sync
  Chauvet SlimPar56 RGB LED: 4 for $125;  Blizzard Par64 RGBA LED uplight: 4 for $145
  Chauvet Color Palette2 48w RGB LED color wash or Par 64-36w: $90 pair
;Other Event Lighting & Effects  
  Elation 400w Hg vapor black light 70 ft throw up to 4000 sf: on a 12 ft light stand: $89 
  Chauvet LED Blacklights
: 400 sf coverage: $95 pair on
  Hazers:  MBT 300HZ Hazer: $115/ event 
  Foggers: Chauvet Hurricane H900: $35; H1300: $75;  H1800 Flex: $105
  Strobes: Chauvet Technostrobe, 75W: $25, Elation 1500w Strobe: $49 + stand
   Chauvet Follow Spot 400G : 360w manual focus, gobo display on roller stand: $79


Lighting Packages

Party Pak Special: $199
- Includes the Swarm on stands + two Flylaser RG lights. 

Premier Laser show:  $225 -  includes 3 Red/Green laser lights, add a hazer for dramatic effect for $105

Our inventory offers more than   $20,000 of event lighting. These great displays enhance your party fun. DJ45rpm has the best laser light show  offered in mobile DJ entertainment and 50 LED uplights. Click the video below to see one of our laser shows
4-Tunnel Beam Laser Display

Scorpion Storm FX - Click pic for UTube

Swarm 4 RGBA - Click pic for UTube

Uplighting 10 pak  $289
Includes 10 Chauvet Slim par56 RGB LED.

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obo Laser

Click here to see our laser light show at Herndon High School Homecoming 2012 on UTube