Lighting Equipment - Price with DJ Entertainment   - Including The Best Laser Lighting in Metro DC - prices are per Job

DANCE & PARTY LIGHTS, MIRROR BALLS Price with DJ Entertainment
   Chauvet Swarm 4: Sound Active 12W RGBA LED DMX mirror ball effect: Stand mounted pair at $119
Chauvet Vue 3.1 with ADJ REVO4 moonflower LEDs stand mounted: $125
  Blizzard 60w LED moving head spot/gobo: 4 truss mounted:  $900
  Two 2-tunnel beam lasers, red+green (r+g)  sound active 580mW on stand: $195
  Two red blue grating gobo lasers @ 1100mW stand mounted: $275
   Red Green 4 tunnel DMX + sound active beam laser 250mW on stand: $135  
   Two FlyLaser scatter star lasers: sound active 320mW on stand: $135
  UFO RGB Sparkling Quad laser (750mW) on stand or or Chauvet GB FX laser: $185 
  Two Storm RGX-Fx scatter lasers (220mW) on stand: $195
  Red, green blue 1200mW animation laser on stand: $265
Light Stands & Truss Systems:  
  ADJ Heavy Duty Dura Truss crank 10ft x 10 ft: $99
LED Uplight Wall Wash Color Systems & Sealed Beam Par Can Lights
  Par64 500w cans: 4-lights (white):Stand mounted at $110 (w/color filter at $40)

  Blizzard RGBA Q12a 120w LED/uplight: 3 for $175; add $10 per/light dmx cable for color sync
  Chauvet SlimPar56 RGB LED: 4 for $125;  Blizzard Par64 RGBA LED uplight: 4 for $145
  Chauvet Color Palette2 48w RGB LED color wash or Par 64-36w: $90 pair
;Other Event Lighting & Effects  
  Elation 400w Hg vapor black light 70 ft throw up to 4000 sf: on a 12 ft light stand: $89 
  Chauvet LED Blacklights
: 400 sf coverage: $95 pair on
  Hazers:  MBT 300HZ Hazer: $115/ event 
  Foggers: Chauvet Hurricane H900: $35; H1300: $75;  H1800 Flex: $105
  Strobes: Chauvet Technostrobe, 75W: $25, Elation 1500w Strobe: $49 + stand
   Chauvet Follow Spot 400G : 360w manual focus, gobo display on roller stand: $79


Lighting Packages

Party Pak Special: $199
- Includes the Swarm on stands + two Flylaser RG lights. 

Premier Laser show:  $225 -  includes 3 Red/Green laser lights, add a hazer for dramatic effect for $105

This lighting is for sale!

4-Tunnel Beam Laser Display

Scorpion Storm FX - Click pic for UTube

Swarm 4 RGBA - Click pic for UTube

Uplighting 10 pak  $289
Includes 10 Chauvet Slim par56 RGB LED.

Gobo Laser

Click here to see our laser light show at Herndon High School Homecoming 2012 on UTube
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